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by aionlauren on Aug.18, 2009, under Customisation

After splashing out on some red dye for my Elyos hunter.

After splashing some red dye on my Elyos rangers armour.

For the end of the closed beta, everyone who logged into Aion received some free goodies. This was a small treat given to the closed beta testers as, when open beta begins, the servers will be wiped, removing all closed beta accounts and hours of hard work!

Items ranged from a seed that turned you into an angry looking corn, resurrection stones and even red & blue dyes. This is something I wanted to touch on as it’s what makes Aion one of the more customizable MMOs out there.

You already have a rather customisable character from body type, hair style and facial features. Then the Legion cape colour and logo design are entirely adjustable. Now add the dye system that allows you to change the colour of your amour, just really goes to show you how much individual touches to make your character truly unique.

The colours so far known are Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Silver and Gold. If you check out the image above you’ll see I rocked out the free red dye that was given out. Looks amazing with my legions red cape too!

It’s very easy to apply as well and works just like a manastone. You select the dye you wish to use, then just click on the piece of armour that you want to colour and then take a look at your character rocking out the new look. You can even remove the dye by talking to the sewing NPC located at the artisan hall in your main city.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Tim

    umm so far the only dyes ive seen are Blue,Turquoise,Purple,and Brown where can you find all those others you listed? or did they get rid of em at full launch?

  • J Marcus

    Would be nice if a preview option was included before dye application like in Guild Wars in order that folks could try and match colours on their armour.

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