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Wing upgrades

by aionlauren on Aug.20, 2009, under Customisation

At level 30 you can obtain new wings for your avatar.

At level 30 you can obtain new wings for your avatar.

After hitting level 10 and becoming a Deava, you also unlock the first set of wings. These are the default wings which are angel styled for the Elyos and Bat liked for the Asmodians.

At level 30 you can upgrade your wings for the first time. The wings do not simply upgrade as you level however, the level 30 wings increase your flight time by 30 seconds and can be purchased from a vendor in your races main town.

The catch is that it costs a massive 774,400 Kinah, which is a lot to pay for 30 seconds of flight time but they change the appearance of your current wings, so it also shows off your achievement of getting to level 30. If you brought the special edition of Aion then you will get these wings for free, I’d advice you try pre-order now.

Your wings can be upgraded again at level 40, which increases the time to 60 seconds and costs 9.6 million Kinah. At level 50, the current level cap, you can upgrade once more. The wings do not cost any Kinah but require you to finish a level 50 quest which you gain after hitting the cap. The wings offer only 35 seconds to flight time which is a downgrade to the level 40 wings but they also offer 120 bonus HP (hit points) for your avatar. You might find yourself holding onto your level 40 wings to swap over for when you need the boost in flight time.

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