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[Elyos] How to make some quick money in Aion

by aionlauren on Jul.30, 2009, under Elyos

Frost Wind Spirits not only drop great items but also offer good experience.

Frost Wind Spirits not only drop great items but also offer good experience.

Kinah, the currency of Aion, is quite hard to come by in your early stages. The majority of your drops will sell very low and quests will only provide a basic income for upgrading weapons, armour and travel. So where can one make a pretty penny?

Sadly it’s not until hitting level 17 and exploring the Miraju Holy Ground south of Verteron Citadel. Speak to Anontrite at the shrine to gain the [Coin] Dampening Spirits quest which requires you to kill 14 Atmosphere Spirits and 8 Frost Wind Spirits. This should not be too much of a challenge at the level you are at so go off and tackle the beasts. After fulfilling the quest and getting your coin, initiate the quest again. Then, before flying down to tackle more spirits, sell the miscellaneous drops to the general store nearby and you will notice that most of these items sell for quite a lot and earn you a good amount of kinah.

Most returns would net me around 5-7000 Kinah and as an added bonus the mobs in this area seem to drop valuable items that can be sold at a good price to the Auction Brokers in town. The fact they also seem to offer a nice amount of experience makes this a great place to train up.

You can repeat this quest 100 times and earn coins which can be swapped for random pieces of armour it is well worth putting some time into as well as a quick way of earning some extra cash in Verteron.

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