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Using Divine Power

by aionlauren on Jul.29, 2009, under Gameplay

Each time you level Divine Power a new aura surrounds your character.

Each time you level Divine Power a new aura surrounds your character.

I often wondered what the bar below my health point and mana point bars could be as it was simply highlighted as ‘DP’. Every time I killed a mob the bar would go up and level with the potential of hitting level 3. The bar would empty every time I died however and I thought that maybe it was for an experience bonus. A little research later, I found discovered that it was ‘Divine Power’ and was used for morphing substances and powerful skills.

The whole point of leveling DP is so you have more to use for skills rather than just using a skill once at level 1. This is quite helpful during PvP (Player vs. Player) or for crafting raw materials from Aether powder which costs 200 DP each time.

Each class has different DP skills to learn and when you use a DP skill you lose points from the DP bar, much like the mana points bar. Instead of resting the only way to regenerate this bar is to kill without being killed. The ranger for example gained the ability to turn into a Mau Templar which not only changed my whole physical appearance but also increased my attack speed and damage for 1 minute, not too shabby.

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3 Comments for this entry

  • Finar

    so how do you exactly USE the DP?

  • Kerome

    Your DP seem to get wiped when you log off, as well, so it’s a resource you accumulate over a play session which allows you to use some rare skills.

  • J Marcus

    It should also be noted that once players reach level 1 or higher, they will be able to see the aura surrounding other players who have DP. However, I am not sure if this will be the case for players on the opposition faction as I have yet to use a rift or enter the Abyss in beta.

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