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Monster Ranks

by aionlauren on Aug.23, 2009, under Gameplay

Don't even think about soloing that monstrosity.

Don't even think about soloing that monstrosity.

The bulk of playing any MMORPG is spent killing monsters to level up, gather items and complete quests. So it should be noted very early on what you can and can’t kill from an early level. The last thing you want to do is waste thousands of Kinah in soul reviving for experience. It’s too expensive and could cost you travel expenses to an area you really need to go.

The colour of enemies names will change colour to give you an idea if they are safe to attack or not, depending on your level. These colours are white for very safe, yellow for safe, a dark orange for a challenge and red for dangerous.

There are also elite mobs that can be the same level as you but are too tough to beat alone. This is indicated by the style of the frame that holds the monsters name once selected.

2 1 Monster Ranks This shows a normal mob frame, one that can be tackled at at your level. The frame is pretty basic so you can easily solo it at the same level or even 1-3 below.

2 2 Monster Ranks This frame is larger in size and more intricate design. You will notice this time it has two stubs at the end and also 2 more starts in the circle. This means the mob is an elite mob and would require a team of 2-4 to kill it efficiently.

2 3 Monster Ranks A hero mob will have a name frame like this one. Hero mobs are obviously a lot tougher than normal monsters and would require 2 groups (12 players) to alliance and defeat it.

2 4 Monster Ranks Legendary Mobs have this frame and are obviously the toughest kind of monsters. Legendary mobs are usually bosses and require a legion (around 24 players) to defeat it.

Hopefully this would of given you a better idea of what to attack and not to attack when venturing around in Aion. I made the simple mistake of attacking an elite mob when I reached level 15 (Krall) and it was a very shocked experience indeed.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • Kerry

    The colored dots tell you whether or not the mob is agressive. Green means they are not (No pre-emptive strike), and red means they are.

  • Ashelia

    I noticed those colored dots as well, I hope someone can answer that :-)

    And just out of curiosity, which monster is that level 20 Hero that you posted a HP bar screenshot of?

  • skai

    What about the dots that are colored? Any significance to them? I.e. I’ve seen mobs with 2 dots, one gree and one yellow.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Max

    Thanks, your blog is really good for a beginner like me, also never noticed that the frame was different! thanks!

  • Ardghail

    I’d noticed the dots inside the red circle before, but never the fact that the entire frame changes. Thanks for the tidbit.

  • Rer

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, sorry for not noticing this site earlier. Its fantastic, excellent work.

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