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Patch 1.5 – Starting Video Walkthrough

by aionlauren on Aug.25, 2009, under Customisation, Gameplay

NCSoft have been very busy showing off Aion at this years Gamescom. The most interesting part of what they were presenting at the show was the 1.5 update to Aion, which contains a huge array of additions and changes for the September launch. A lot of the changes talked about were westernised faces for avatars, western references for quests, a large array of video tutorials leading up to level 20 and so much more. Hit the jump for some commentary on the video and comparisons to closed beta.

Selecting your class type at the start has not changed but the character creation system has had a meaty update for the 1.5 patch. This is mainly updates with faces, which was originally a strong collection of around 25 pre made faces and now around 40 pre created faces have been added. Most of these new additions are westernised styles for the new audience; you can play around with all the new hair styles and faces and change them up in the advanced editor. The other facial change was that eye colour can now be edited which was previously not available.

There has been an update to the body type selection as well. Instead of numbered styles you know have descriptions of body changes as well as the advanced editor has options to change leg and arm height meaning you can fully customise your characters body rather than just resizing certain areas.

Character names have been changed to now auto capitalise the first letter and keep the remaining in lower-case, mainly because of the sheer amount of users who add numbers and random capitals which really ruin the feel of the game.

Prologue videos have been added which start after creating your character and entering the game. These were available in the last closed beta weekend but are essentially a 1.5 feature. The purpose of the video is to purely give you an idea, a roll and purpose in Aion. During my closed beta experience I felt that my character was a very important to the story line even though I knew that everyone else was getting the same treatment. Cut scenes and narrative really are one of the more entertaining aspects of Aion, reminding me I was playing a story game rather than just some other MMO.

One of my favourite additions in 1.5 is the tutorial system. From levels 1 to 20, you’ll be taught various things in the world of Aion. Of course, reading a wall of text on how to play a game gets quite tiresome and I can honestly admit I skipped a bunch of information that would have been helpful. The new tutorial system highlights every time you do something new and then brings up a video explanation, which is fantastic as you are no longer trying to find what button that tutorial was previously going on about and are being shown exactly what you need to do.

A lot of these new features are very welcome and have truly improved on closed beta. I’m very interested to see the new western faces and video tutorials.

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